“Felicidades por tu excelente trabajo!!!!!” (Luz Elda Zavala L, México, 2013.10.26)

“I can feel through those pics, feeling the art, feeling life on those pics. Best wishes.” (Daniel Hern, Peru, 2013.10.11)

“Chapeau l’artiste! J’adore ce que tu fais!” (Charles, France, Netherlands, Russia, 2013.09.19)

“I have loved your work since the very first photograph I saw and am impressed with your decision to do strictly b&w ~ more striking! I love the eclectic variety of your subjects. Excellent eye! Good luck on your new website!” (Cyndy Brooks~Fetty, USA, 2013.09.14)

“It’s really good. Your photography is too good…” (Asish Chandra, India, 2013.09.13)

“Great photos complemented by the simple and elegant design of your site.” (Alwyn Velasquez, USA, 2013.09.13)

“Brilliant work, congratulations!” (Tania, 2013.09.13)

“Beautiful work, Norbert.” (Rene, 2013.09.13)

“Awesome!!! I like ur vision!!!” (Alexandr, Russia, 2013.09.12)

“Inspiring, refreshing, plain turns to time-less exciting passionate vibrating art!!!…amazing, cannot wait to yet the best of Norbert’s photography!!” (Helena, USA, Czech Republic, 2013.09.12)

“Very creative, stylish and atmospheric site of an excellent photographer and a wonderful man!” (Alex, Russia, 2013.09.12)

“Norbert, thanks for your art! I really enjoy it. Good luck and stay turned =)” (Natalia, Russia, 2013.09.12)

 “I really like your black&white photography. Good luck with your website!” (Angela, Netherlands, 2013.09.12)

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